12 Month Bank Statement Program

With bank statement mortgage loan program for self employed borrowers, all is required is 12 to 24 months of bank statements. Profit and Loss Statements of the borrower’s business prepared by the borrower’s accountant may or may not be required.

Ex. 24 months deposits total = $200,000 / 24 = $8,333 a month income. Business Bank Statements: 50% of Deposits. Add all deposits for all 24 months, divide by 2, and then divide by 24 to receive the monthly income amount we will give to the borrower. Ex. 24 month deposit total = $500,000 / 2 = $250,000 / 24 = $10,333 a month income.

“Despite some improvements to the implementation of the program, two fundamental design. for help gathering the information. “historical bank statements are expensive – $4 per page over 12 months,”.

To qualify, those borrowers need to have been self-employed for a minimum of two years, even on the 12-month bank statement program. “We do not look at tax returns at all for our bank statement loan.

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Self Employed Mortgage Programs | Using Bank Statements This program varies between traditional income documentation to. Alt Doc: 12 and 24 months personal or business bank statements.

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12 MONTH BANK STATEMENT PROGRAM This program is only for Self Employed or 1099 Income Earners